Australian Consulting Network


A look at ACN’s About Us page explains how they work: 

“We know amazing results can be achieved and believe every team has the potential for success”

Research shows us that we are designed to resist change, this is why change is often experienced as painful. Our approach is values and results focused. We find that when we engage people and they feel part of the change programme, they can often get behind it and even become champions.

There are many parallels with how we at Focosme work. A website design & development project is sometimes a big, painful change for an organisation. With our similar approach to values and engagement, we know amazing results can be achieved.

This web design project was a huge transformation for ACN, but a truly rewarding journey as they now have a great lead generation tool to help prospective customers research and understand the risks, solutions and results they can achieve by partnering with ACN, and can then easily take the first step in the journey through relevant Calls to Action in key parts of each page.

ACN helps you and your team improve performance, increase productivity and achieve greater impact of your work while bringing humility, humanity and joy back to the workplace.

Does that sound like something your organisation could benefit from?

Book a Discovery Call with Australian Consulting Network and find out!

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